Canine Campus Doggie Boarding & Day Care Kennels Colorado Springs

Two-legged youngsters Canine Campus Doggie are not the only learners going back to campus this fall. K-9s throughout the Pikes Peak Area is getting ready for a wonderful fall session at doggy daycare.

As you prepare your two-legged youngsters for classes, you’ll want to get your four-legged learners all set too. Reliable doggy daycare will need some kind of assessment with the pack in order for your puppy to become a full-fledged pupil.

With Canine Campus Doggie, in Colorado Springs, this procedure is known as an Admissions Check. We gradually bring in your pet to the canines within the playgroup. We would like to be certain your puppy feels safe with us before leaving them for the school day.

Through the Admissions Check, don’t be concerned if your dog behaves much like your Kindergartener did their first day’s school. At times, our four-legged learners may act out similar to a child getting dropped off at school – the crying, the pleading, all-out outbursts.

All are an attempt to make you feel guilt-ridden about leaving them. However, if you can be strong and also go out of the doorway, your dog is going to be okay. With almost 20 years of experience working with mutts in different conditions, Justin gives childcare, prepping, preparing and that’s just the beginning!

Whether or not your dog will play along with each dog on Campus or simply hang with the people throughout the day, your K-9 Co-ed will benefit from the socialization daycare has to offer. They will be treated to specialized interaction by experienced associates who really are dog-lovers.

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